Thursday, 7 October 2010

Autumnal Fishing

Shortly after my June update, I injured my ankle badly playing football, that saw the end of the Summer's river bank sessions put to a halt very early on indeed!

Recently the rivers have filled up with lovely autumnal rain, and the swallows are looking to make a break for Africa before the weather turns. The leaves are browning at their edges,
some already succumbing to the first strong breezes of October..... This is a great time to be on the banks. Carp and bream are feeding up in preparation for long winter ahead, so with a good bed of groundbait, and a selection of baits you could be banking so big ole fish. The rivers are bustling with hungry barbel, a big bunch of lobworms collected from the lawn during the night will have be grabbed with gusto as they tumble down coloured flood waters. You could also try the all round fish catcher, the halibut pellet, this will cover many bases - barbel, chub and bream will all succumb to this oily smelly little number. That's me above right, with 9lb 3oz of pristine Golden Whisker!

Don't miss out on the next few weeks of mild weather, winter can be a long afair!
Here is Stu with a cracking autumnal Warwickshire Avon barbel.