Saturday, 27 November 2010

Winter's Arrives.....

Winter 2010 has arrived, with November snow in many places. The landscape sports a crispy coat of frost and fishes appetites have shrunk to reflect their slower metabolisms. Many stillwaters are sealed off by a thin layer of ice, protecting their inhabitants from hook and line.

Lots of layers of warm clothes, with a big hat and socks will keep the chill at bay on the bank, but the fingers and toes will no doubt suffer a little pain here and there. Catching a nice chub, roach, perch or pike could make the short spells of discomfort worthwhile though. Limited loose feed of maggots, hemp and chopped worm will attract all the winter species. In the clear running waters a big lump of bread flake pinched on the shank of the hook will take chub and roach, and as the light fades and the frost begins to reform, a big lobworm will capture the striped baron. Perch love low light conditions so wait until the end of the day for the best time. On many waters pike will behave in a similar fashion.

Wrap up warm, get out there, and enjoy it.