Thursday, 6 August 2009

Carping at it's wettest!

On a day where the rain started at 1pm, and as I write the report of Charlie's latest lesson it still rains.... heavily.

Charlie's committment to angling is infectious, wanting to proceed with his lesson with ill regard for the British weather. Rain or shine he wants to be on the bank!

After learning some very sodden knot tying, and how to set up a cage feeder rig and method feeder rig, it was time to get the line wet... well wetter than it already was in the teaming rain.

Charlie managed to grab his quiver tip rod in the nick of time, as a hefty carp decided it was time for corn! After a swift battle I slipped the net under Charlie's heaviest carp to date, a lovely 9lb common carp. Shortly after, another tremendously savage take, tearing line from Charlie's reel, only for the hooklink to give a few seconds later; a nick in the line, or a sharp object below... we will never know. The weather was grim, and the fishing was uncomfortable, but Charlie's eagerness was rewarded with a personal best common carp, and a beautiful fish at that!

Well done Charlie.

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